When it comes to e-cigs, a coupon is much needed.  With e-cigs running upwards of $100 a starter kit, a discount is a much appreciated item.  Nowadays, with ecommerce being the largest arena for selling e-cigs, a promo code has entered the scene.

An e cigarette promo code is basically a term, consisting usually of letters and numbers, that you enter at checkout that issues an automatic discount on your ecigarette items.  Electronic cigarette companies usually send these to members of their websites in an email.  Sometimes these e cigarette promo codes expire after a few days so passing them around to friends and family is permitted.  This method stimulates ecig sales in a big way.  Benefits ecigarette smokers and the e-cigarette sellers.

There are many websites out there that stockpile promo codes for various ecommerce shops, including the electronic cigarette ecommerce stores.  Just search e cigarette promo codes, or any variation of e-cigs, and you’ll find many websites that have them.